Interview with Rebecca Keatley

We recently caught up with the lovely Rebecca Keatley who co-presents the fantastic show ‘Let’s Play’ on CBeebies with Sid Sloane – a fun and educational show that explores vocational and historical themes through dressing up and imaginative play.

Rebecca Keatley from CBeebies 'Let's Play'

Hi Rebecca, thank you for taking the time to speak to us. You present ‘Lets Play’ along with Sid Sloane. For those parents who haven’t yet watched the show can you give us an overview of what the show is about?

Let’s Play is a CBeebies an educational show about vocation and historical themes. Which is acted out by myself and CBeebies veteran Sid Sloane. It involves one of us getting chosen to go on an adventure each episode. When you’re on the adventure the other person gets to play all the other characters they meet along the way.


The show is a firm favourite in our house and we love the fact that the show encourages imaginative play. Who came up with the concept?

The team at The Foundation, part of Zodiak Kids. They also came up with Mister Maker and Waybuloo.


What is your favourite part of doing the show?

I absolutely love playing the characters. The further removed they are from me personally the more fun I have playing them.


What did you like to dress up as when you were a child?

I’m not sure if there was one particular character or theme but I did love to dress up that’s for sure. Putting on grown up’s shoes used to fill me with joy.


Have you always wanted to be an actress?

Not always. I actually wanted to be a runner as a child. Don’t ask me why but I always wanted to race. The closest I get to running these days is for a bus!


What was your favourite TV show as a child?

I used to love Count Duckula and Inspector Gadget and not forgetting Warner Bros cartoons.


With more and more children having access to computers, tablets and apps do you think it is discouraging imaginative play?

Very possibly but I’m sure there’s an argument out there encouraging the use of technology.


Have you got any other projects coming up?

Yes I’ve been quite busy doing the odd acting gig recently. Hopefully we will be doing another series of Lets Play. You never quite know what’s around the corner. This job certainly keeps me on my toes.


Let’s Play is on CBeebies at 14:30 weekdays. You can also play the interactive ‘Lets Play’ game on the CBeebies Website.

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